Friday, August 19, 2016

"War Is Peace"

This offering is not one of my usual Opinion Editorials, but rather, a more informally written response to a pro-right, pro-war email I had received. The outright lies we tell so we are always the "heroes and saviors" in conflicts really infuriates me.  War is for profit and empire building, pure and simple and we dress it up with freedom and liberty for public parades.  Then, in a very short time, the few truths which leak through are lost in faded memories and only the "glory" is left to fill history books and in the minds of the majority.

The Conservative to whom I am responding, made a point that the dividends he receives on his stock is what matters to him.  How the corporations profit, whether through war, deception or whatever excusable, so long has he gets his.

This is a little lesson about Syria.....but it has been repeated over and over and least since 1900 by us in Central and South America, Asia and the Middle East.  I think the reason it's so difficult for the conservative mind to grasp is because that mind can see no further than "ME!"  Empathy doesn't exist....they cannot put themselves "in the shoes of another."  And when "ME" (this country or it's corporations) want something in another country...from natural resources to strategic presence to a more "U.S. friendly government," the feeling is that we should have our way without resistance.  We set up puppet governments and impose them on those people....against their will.  We make statements which impact policies around the world.  And when we want change of rule, we will finance, arm and train rebel groups within the that country to do our bidding.  We use our intelligence community to stir strife and contention. 

We see that as all well and good...until you "put the shoe on the other foot."  How about if China or Russia sent their intelligence people into THIS country....and started arming, training and financing the "Black Lives Matter" extremists?  Oh yeah, that got your attention, didn't it?  Same difference, but your myopic vision won't allow you to see that far.

Anyway, let's just take a quick look at Syria, since it's in the main news right now.  No need to look at everything, but let's at least look at key factors and roles.  "Facts," we call them...without the nationalism and other propaganda tossed in to make us feel good about ourselves.

First, we have conflict between the Syrian government and the Syrian rebels.  How did that escalate?  Well, as always, it escalated because of statements and interference of the same major nations which always generate conflict in poorer countries.  Here's a bit about the major players and their roles.
Liking to keep our homeland soil clean, as do the Russians and other major players, we use poor countries to fight our "proxy wars."  Just as we did with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.....China in Vietnam...Iraq in Iran....and on and on.  And yes, we are "profiteers."

We have no clue as to the devastation we inflict from our high flying drones, bombers and other high tech delivery systems of death.  We don't see faces....we merely paint the people in these countries as "terrorists," trying to make the destruction we do more palatable.  We don't see the innocent children, women, workers and small businessmen we destroy.  We blow up hospitals, schools, wedding parties and neighborhoods...killing and maiming many to get a few.  For justification, we are given trite explanations, as per former President G.W. Bush...."They hate us for our freedom."  Newsflash!!!  We don't have much freedom left here.  But, they hate us for the destruction we inflict upon their families, businesses and homes.  Look at some examples....try...just for a picture YOUR kids and families being subjected to this by outside invaders.  How would YOU feel?  What would be YOUR reaction?  I know what mine would be....To retaliate...even if it meant the only means I had was to tie some dynamite to myself and walk into one of your strongholds.
I dare you to try to tell me this kid in the picture is a "dangerous terrorist."  I dare you!!!

Let me take you on a trip down memory case you think this is just some "staged event."  I remember being a young guy just starting in the news business at that this time...and having three small kids of my own, when this picture was released.  It became the most famous photograph of the Vietnam WAS the Vietnam war.  It began to turn the tide of thinking in this country...and the world.  These kids...and this little girl had been hit with American napalm....a weapon against all humanity.

The same thing goes on today, as we give cluster bombs to Israel....weapons banned by most every nation....and Israel delivers them in Lebanon, Yemen and other nations.  They fail to detonate...leaving colored balls around civilian areas...picked up by children, thinking they are toys....only to be mutilated, killed and dismembered.  What do the people see?  "Made in U.S.A." on these killing machines.

I listen to all the bitching about "refugees."  You hate them, don't want to take them, don't want to take responsibility for them....on and on.  Right!  Okay...well, here's a solution for you.  STOP DESTROYING PEOPLE'S HOMES AND BUSINESSES AND THEY WON'T BE REFUGEES SEEKING SHELTER AFTER YOU DESTROYED EVERYTHING THEY HAD!
Pretty simple, isn't it?  But, if you're going to create your empire building efforts continue to create're going to have to deal with the consequences.  "For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction."  Bingo!

So long as never ending war is your are going to live with the consequences of ongoing war.  There is nothing "peaceful" about the United States.  We have been at war for 93% of the time we have been a nation....most of that time, our homeland was not under attack by anyone.  We love war...and the profits of war....the sale of arms...we are the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of weapons of destruction....we love the taking of natural resources....the cheap labor our corporations enjoy in subdued areas  and the strategic locations we gain for our spreading military presence.  It isn't free.  There's a high price to be paid...both by the people of these places....and by us......The very least we could do is stop being hypocrites and trying to put the blame everywhere else.

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